Recruitment Toolkit


Recruitment Toolkit

A guide to interviewing, making offers and lots of other recruitment tips!


Whilst recruiting should always be an exciting time for your Company, there is always the pressure of making sure you are choosing the right candidate, debating what you can and can’t ask in an interview and then deciding on the package you are going to offer.

If you need guidance on advertising, interviewing and everything in between, this toolkit contains all the letters, forms and factsheets you’ll need.

This toolkit includes:

  • Recuitment Flowchart
  • Recruitment Request Form
  • Application Form   
  • Application Acknowledgment Letter
  • Decline Before Interview
  • Invite to Interview
  • Possible Interview Questions
  • Decline After Interview 
  • Offer of Employment Form
  • Offer of Employment Letter
  • Recruitment Checklist  
  • Recruitment Tips