Do you have an employee who isn’t performing to the level you expected when you recruited them? Maybe you are you aren’t sure of an employee’s capability and would like to extend their probationary period and make sure that they are up to the job?

It`s not difficult.  Every scenario is covered in this toolkit from the first day of employment up to deciding whether the probation period has been successfully passed or a dismissal needs to be made Repliche Orologi Italia.

This toolkit includes:

  • Probation Flowchart
  • Invite to Probationary Performance Meeting 
  • Mid Term Probation Review Form (Employee) 
  • Mid Term Probation Review Form (Manager)  
  • End of Probation Review Form 
  • Probation Extended Letter
  • Probation Pass Letter
  • Probation Failed – Notice to be Worked
  • Probation Failed – Notice to be Pain In Lieu

Probation Flowchart

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