Replica Watches store - Bright metallic ceramic bezel

The most important and most time-consuming part of a fake watch is the shell shape of the case. If the shell shape is consistent, other accessories can be quickly mass-produced. All accessories need to be based on the shell shape, but this genuine product does not have a shell. Improved shell shape.

Regarding the shell and the highest version of, which is exactly the same as the high-copy OMEGA Planet Ocean 600m GMT 43.5mm, the outer ring has been improved in line with the original fake rolex. It is made of ceramic and has a bright metal-colored ceramic bezel that matches the original. Other accessories are basically used.

The biggest highlight of this fake watch, and the most creative improvement, even if this watch's movement balance, this is the first and currently the only imitation Omega8900 movement with a black balance. The principle is the same as the earliest imitation Rolex Cal. 3135 movement, which replaces the entire balance of the watch. The earliest imitation Rolex Cal. 3135 is a hairspring replica watches. If you don't understand it, you can refer to the evaluation of the first-generation imitation Cal.3135 on the younger brother's forum. The movement produced in 2014 is no longer on sale. It is not found on the market.

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