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Where you can find all the HR documents you need - when you need them - in an affordable form - and easy to follow advice on how and when to use them!

If you need document templates for any staff issues -just click on the Flowcharts on the right - for any particular circumstance the one stop HR Advisor website will provide you with simple online instructions, to follow, downloadable document templates and toolkits to help you through the HR maze.


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The reason we started HR Online was because we saw a way to simplify the ways that Managers deal with problems that come up.  Managers are busy people and need answers quickly plus the right document templates that they can customise.  Downloadable HR document templates are a big help and our toolkits and flowcharts will enable you to choose the right documents for yourself.


If you're looking for some advice and help with your staffing issues, HR Online is the one stop HR shop full of the information you have been looking for. Full of HR expertise from real, experienced professionals and downloadable resources, you'll find plenty of useful information and documentation here to help you make sense of the HR issues you come across in your day to day dealings with staff and their problems.  As a one stop shop for HR matters, it's something managers find very convenient.  Please click here to see how it works.


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Helpful downloadable toolkits and flowcharts give you the heads up on what route to take, and you'll be able to access the right documents for any situation once you have registered as a Member, which is free.  You can then start to browse and download the material, some of which is also free.  You only pay for what you require, so if you just want one or two documents, a one off download may be all you need.  However, if you need help for more than a few situations, please check out our Membership options below and get more documents and even personal service at a cheaper rate than calling in a personal visit from an HR firm - and access the advice at a time that suits you, right away. No appointments required!  All you have to do with one stop HR, is register to view some of our material for free - and then you can decide if you wish to enrol as a Member, to access all the benefits for yourself.  


Telephone Support with our Platinum Memberships


There are three Membership options for you to choose from, which help you budget for the amount of help you need.  A Silver, Gold or Platinum Membership for a small fee will give you discounts for the various documents that you can purchase, and with our Platinum Service, the option of qualified telephone advice and help from trained and experienced HR professionals on our Helpdesk.  Subscription Members may contact us as many times as they like without any restrictions or concerns and you will receive regular updates from us for the period of your Membership.


Silver Membership 
 - £30 Per Year
Gold Membership
 - £50 Per Year 
Platinum Membership  
 - £100 Per Year


The burden of learning all about Employment Law and health and safety issues can be considerable when you are running a small to medium sized business and mistakes can be costly when personnel issues are involved.  If you employ staff, advice on the most up to date HR regulations is invaluable.  But who has time to sit looking at all the new rules as they come out.  Many SME's choose to employ visiting HR advisors but for small companies this may not be cost effective and an this is where an online service will work just as well.  If you can follow a flowchart, and download documents, then you'll find this one stop HR site extremely cost effective.