Managing Absence Over Christmas & The New Year

After The Christmas Party        

Over 2 million employees won’t make it into work the day after the Christmas party, costing over £261 million. Only 33% of employees will be honest about their hangover, whilst others will claim to have the flu or a migraine.
If you’ve still got your Christmas party to look forward to, take this opportunity to communicate the Company lateness and absence policies to all employees. I advise that any employees who are late or do not attend work on the following day, will need to provide medical evidence. If they are unable to provide this, confirm that disciplinary action may be taken against them.
Between Christmas & New Year           
With only one complete working week left until Christmas, employees should now know whether their annual leave has been granted or they’ll be expected to work. Remind anyone who is required to work, the importance of them attending work over this period.  Again, advise that disciplinary action may be taken against any employees over who are absent from work and not able to provide medical evidence.
If It Snows       
If an employee cannot make it to work due to childcare disruptions, they are entitled to statutory protection but the time off can be unpaid. If an employee chooses not to come to work, when they were able to do so, this could be considered a disciplinary matter. However, it is unlikely that as a Company you will want to investigate each employee suspected of taking a 'snow day'.    
Instead, take the opportunity to reiterate pay arrangements including unpaid time off or paid time off if taken as annual leave. f the workplace is forced to close due to weather conditions and there is no work available, you cannot withhold an employee’s pay unless they have a ‘lay off’ clause in their contract of employment.

Most importantly, thank all staff for their commitment and hard work over the year, including those covering for absent colleagues and keeping the business running smoothly over the festive period.