Getting good HR resources templates online is simple and quick with the Online HR Advisor.  That's all very well - you have to make sure that you use the right documents at the right times and keep up with the most up to date Legislation.  But what manager has time to sit reading and researching all the HSE directives every week?


Good news - we keep up with this for you - all you have to do is download and read through the easy to follow information and flowcharts to find out what you should do.


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When it comes to hiring, managing and disciplining your staff, there is key documentation which needs to be in place to be legally compliant and whether you are a small or large company, our HR services can add value to your business and will cost you a lot less than hiring expensive lawyers, being based on value for money, not the number of employees.


As HR Consultants, we were often asked by people whether there was a template document they could use, or what was the correct procedure for a certain situation and so the idea for Online HR Advisor was born.  We aim to help you with all the day to day HR issues such as returning to work after sickness, recruitment, disciplinary issues and maternity/paternity and many other problems.


Template documents are easily accessible plus toolkits and unlimited advice from our Helpline with the Platinum Membership which costs just £100 per year.  We have other, download only memberships, which are also great value for money.   The flowcharts and Toolkits give detailed and specific HR Advice to small, medium or large businesses, in a way that is easy to understand and help you find the correct answers, for yourself. Please check here to see more details.


We supply documents which are perfect for your day to day business needs, with discounts for those who take out a Membership with us. The human resources templates and flowcharts etc were developed by experienced HR Consultants who have a wealth of experience in the field of business, you can depend on the best up to date advice which will keep your business legally compliant whilst keeping your HR bills to a  minimum. 


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Our site has been developed with your needs in mind, is easy to follow and continues to be updated in line with legislation.  Please browse through our flowcharts and toolkits, which is free if you Register - a quick and easy process.  There are human resource templates, forms, meeting prompts, letter templates, and checklists for managers to use which can be purchased individually as a whole or as individual documents; affordable HR advice whenever you need it.


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