Managing your workforce and its issues is guaranteed to give any Manager or business owner grey hairs now and again!  Personnel issues can crop up at any time, often when you're too busy to think about it and its important to get things right. What advice can small businesses get to manage their workforce correctly when things go wrong – without paying too much for it?


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Many people would like to know more about Human Resources without paying for an expensive Consultancy, particularly for small businesses or those just starting out, with only a few staff to worry about, you don’t want to really have to pay extortionate fees for your information when it’s only an occasional query.  Our advice is not just restricted to small businesses - as our fees are based on value for money, not on the amount of employees you have. 


With the Online HR Advisor you get Human Resource Services online, with downloadable documents and information plus flowcharts to help you find which is the most appropriate form to use. Some information is free, and you can download the templates and documents as and when you need them from our online shop and don’t pay for more than you need!  Access the site for advice online, any time of day or night.  Our online human resource services never sleep – the site is here to help you - any time!  Register HERE to get help with your HR problems.


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Registering with us will get you attractive discounts if you need more than one or two documents.  Your human resource services can be fully supported with a telephone enquiry service for any query at any time – we know how stressful HR can be and with our Platinum Membership – only £100 per year - you will get access to professional advisors via the telephone, plus free business support, with no restrictions.


Just need a single document?  Or need to know which document to use?  Registry is free, to try out our Flowcharts which make it easy to follow the right path.  Look to the right for headings which will lead you to the right flowchart to use. Only pay for what you use, but if you use more than one or two documents, it will pay you to look at a Membership. 


Using the Human Resource Services Helpline is a great way to find out quickly what to do in an emergency.  There's no expensive hourly rate to worry about - the yearly fee of £100 covers all that.  You will be in contact with industry professionals who have many years of experience in the HR field.  No jargon - just easy to understand explanations and practical advice, with follow-up calls if needed.  As a subscriber, you are entitled to unlimited help 24/7.


As an Online HR Advisor, we have no overheads and pass the benefits on to you ...So now the only question you have to ask yourself is – What’s stopping me from subscribing?


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Online Services are a great value way to get great advice about what to do in a crisis: click here to see Flowcharts and Documents