If yours is a small to medium sized company then personnel problems may have cropped up at times and as you may have found, professional HR advice soes not come cheap.  You want to be legally compliant but save money too.  If you're a small company, then why sign up and pay for potential services you don't need.  When you have only one or two personnel issues cropping up each year, you don't need to be paying for a full service when you only need one or two HR tools and templates to get you on your way to sorting out those staff issues!


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With the Online HR Advisor  you only pay for what you want.  We supply downloadable HR tools and templates, that are produced by HR experts, guaranteed to be are legally compliant and will be available promptly, when you need them, at a reasonable price. 

Membership brings many benefits for employers.  A Free Membership will entitle you to view and download documents/letters/templates, and this is perfect for those who only need one or two.  You will pay for what you use.  However if you think you need help more frequently, try looking at our Membership Benefits at different levels, which are below. 

Not everyone has the confidence to deal with personnel problems in the correct way.  How do you choose the right document or letter?  You may have looked into hiring a Human Resource Company to deal with these issues for you and decided "that's too expensive for me" and then suffered as a result, because you failed to act properly when there was an issue.  But it's possible to download all the information in HR tools and templates that you need, for a small fee, if now and again you have individual staff problems that need attention, and with the right letter or document, everyone knows where they stand, and much time and stress is saved.

HR Smart are HR experts based on the south coast of the UK support businesses across the UK.  If you have a particular need, we help you through the process - follow the Flowcharts to find your solution. Step by step instructions will help you ensure proper compliance by:

  • identifying which information to give with our HR tools and templates,
  • taking the appropriate action
  • writing the appropriate letter 

When you have worked out which document you need,  you can view and buy the HR tools and templates as you need them,  from our online shop.  It is a cost-effective solution which bridges the gap between having a contract with an HR Department and the worry and hassle of trying to work it out yourself.

With our service, you only get what you pay for and nothing else.  There is no annual fee, but if you register with us you will pay all the normal fees without a discount.   If you only need one document, this might be a very cost effective option for you.  However, if you would like to benefit regularly from our service, how about considering one of our Membership packages.  For further information: 

Membership Options

If you want multiple HR tools and templates then it will be much better value for you to take out a Silver, Gold or Platinum Membership for a small fee, which will give you discounts to the various documents that you can purchase.    

Silver Membership 
 - £30 Per Year
Gold Membership
 - £50 Per Year 
Platinum Membership  
 - £100 Per Year

 Discounts and limited telephone advice is included in differing amounts for each package. 

We hope you will try our HR tools and templates for yourself.  If you have any further questions please contact us HERE.