If you are looking for a cost effective solution to HR problems, and to know which letters to send and procedures to follow, here's a way to download HR templates online, a flexible and simple way to find the answers you are looking for. 

People think that HR is complicated, and only specialists should do it for fear of getting it wrong.  However, it's not necessary to be signed up with an expensive team of HR professionals to get the letters and documents you need.

We give you downloadable information in the form of simple flowcharts for you to follow and letters which you can use, which will enable you to identify the problem and explain the course of action you need to take.   Devised by HR professionals and regularly updated, so the information is always current, we hope you will enjoy viewing and using our HR templates, flowcharts and documents to simplify the HR process and keep you within the Law.


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Our customers can register with no annual fee, view our flowcharts and then download the appropriate letter templates.  If you require any documents you can pay for the normal fees without a discount - which is great value as you only get what you pay for.   If you only need one document this might be the option. if you want to benefit regularly you may consider one of the membership packages, be it Silver, Gold or Platinum.

The flowcharts are easy to understand and follow, and if you need assistance, you can call our Helpline for advice if you have registered as a member.

Membership Options to save you More:

Take out a Silver, Gold or Platinum Membership for a small fee, which will give you discounts to the various documents that you can purchase.    


Silver Membership 
 - £30 Per Year
Gold Membership
 - £50 Per Year 
Platinum Membership  
 - £100 Per Year

Depending on your Membership level, you will receive: 

  • discount vouchers for money-off document templates
  • limited telephone advice.

Please see HERE for more information about Online HR Templates

HR Smart Ltd is an Online HR Advisory Service that makes it easy for you to download HR templates online, to use for all kinds of personnel situations.   We are a leading Human Resources Consultancy, established in 2004 and over the years, we have helped businesses of all shapes, sizes and from all sectors.

Based on the South Coast, our downloadable HR templates are available quickly online and include all the information you need to download the right HR document, are obtainable by businesses across the United Kingdom, from Wales to Wigan, and from Nottingham to Newgate. Our services are tailored to meet each client's individual needs, requirements and budgets when it comes to Human Resources, we save our clients lots of money because we only supply the HR documentation that they need, online, and they are not paying for other expenses such as shiny offices, suits and company cars!

You can be sure that we provide legally compliant Human Resources Support and Services to our clients and that it is in line with best practice and supports the needs of our clients' businesses.  

Make HR templates online part of your personnel strategy:

Whilst we may be an outsourced Human Resources Consultancy, we aim to be part of our Clients' team, so we promise you:

  • Specific Human Resources service, tailored for your company
  • Measured by prompt delivery of products and services
  • Achieved by working in partnership with you
  • Reassurance that you are meeting your legal obligations
  • Timely service and response guaranteed to you


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