Something's gone wrong at work.  You need HR advice in a hurry?  Getting swift answers and help for HR issues is invaluable when you have staff problems, which can crop up at any time.  But it can be confusing.  What letter do you send?  How do you proceed when there's a workplace dispute?  Legislation can be confusing, and it's updated periodically, and it's important to stay on the right side of the Law.  Our HR professionals have all worked in HR and can help you through any of the employment issues that crop up.  


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We know how important it is to get answers.  So Platinum Members can call our HR Consultants are here to give you advice any time of day, 365 days a year, with no restrictions as to time or content.  Our fully trained HR Consultants have first hand experience in the field and can support you with practical advice for any HR matter.  


It's free to register on our site and view our toolkits and flowcharts, download letters and documents but if you need more direct help, the best way to avail yourself of our HR Helpline services is by taking out a Platinum Membership, which will cost you £100 per year.  Yes that's right - £100 per year will guarantee you advice, at any time, with no restrictions.


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It does not matter whether your company is small, medium or large, - we don't charge extra.  So call us on any HR matter.  It is a cost-effective solution which bridges the gap between having a contract with an HR Company and the hassle of trying to work it out yourself.  There is no annual fee, but if you register with us you will pay all the normal fees without a discount - i.e. you only get what you pay for.  


If you only need one document, this might be the option for you.  However, if you would like to benefit regularly from our service, you may consider one of the membership packages below.  However most of our customers benefit from taking out a Membership Package, full details of our other Membership Benefits are here.


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Whether you need to check someone's holiday or paternity/maternity entitlement, or what to do about flexible working, recruitment or a disciplinary matter, our HR Consultants are here to guide you through the maze of legislation to ensure that you do not forget any vital details.


When you need the services of an HR Helpline taking out a Membership will give you all the help you need.  It's a lot cheaper than employing HR Professionals in the normal way, and the site and help is always available - there's no need to make an appointment - which is a great bonus for many busy employers.


We save money for you by offering online advice, documents, toolkits and telephone advice about HR matters.  We have a great deal of practical advice available on site, some of it is free to check out.  Click on any of the subjects on the right, to start your search.


If you simply require a few ideas about what documents are needed or a little advice about how to proceed on just one or two matters, you can also gain access to our flowcharts, plus downloadable toolkits and documents then register for free and only pay for what you use.


So when you need an HR Helpline, call the Online HR Advisor - for professional advice from qualified and experienced HR Experts.