When you need HR Documents, but don't know which ones to use, try the online HR Advisor Service.  The HR Advisor is an online source of information and helps you find the right document for a particular situation, making it easy to:


  • identify which information to give
  • take the appropriate action
  • write the appropriate letter...


...without having to employ expensive HR professionals.


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Register for free, to start using the easy to follow flowcharts, and find the right HR documents to use immediately. You can see the Flowcharts listed on the right of most of our pages.  Just click on each, to see how simple we have made it for you to find out the information.


Pay as You Go for HR Documents

If you only need a limited number of HR documents, toolkits, checklists  then pay as you go and download each for a small fee.


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If you want more regular help and advice, consider our Membership options HERE which start from as little as £30 per year.   When you register you will have a personal log-in code enabling you to recieve regular updates and you will be able to see the flowcharts in their entireity.  


Membership Options


Take out a Silver, Gold or Platinum Membership for a small fee, which will give you discounts to the various documents that you can purchase.  

Silver Membership 
 - £30 Per Year
Gold Membership
 - £50 Per Year 
Platinum Membership  
 - £100 Per Year


Depending on your Membership level, you will receive: 

  • discount vouchers for money off document templates
  • limited telephone advice.

We have tried to make the whole process as trouble-free as possible - because we know how busy you can get.  And be assured it's cheaper than other ways of getting the information, because it's all online, meaning we don't have the overheads of big HR companies...therefore we pass our savings on to you.


So now the only question you have to ask yourself is – What’s stopping me from subscribing?


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