Personnel issues can crop up at any time, often when you least expect it.  Don't get caught out not knowing what to say or the correct letter to write!

The practical and proper management of Human Resources (HR) both in terms of contracts, policies and information is a vital part of your employment strategy, protecting both yourself and your employees. 

So when you need support for any HR issue, or advice or help with the correct forms to complete, come to Online HR for HR advice online, to help you cope with the burden of HR, Employment Law, and health and safety issues.  You might be looking for some advice in an emergency situation or  some guidelines about what HR forms and documents are required.  You can download what you want here.  

If you need more than one document, then consider taking out a yearly Membership which is available for a very reasonable price. 


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We’re offering the HR advice online because so many HR issues crop up unexpectedly – so many people have asked us how to do something and need advice about a few simple procedures before, for example, they discipline an employee.


Mistakes can be costly when it comes to personnel issues.  If you’re confused about which document you need when you take on a new member of staff, or what is the correct procedure to follow if a staff member is continually bending the rules, then Online HR Advisor can help you through the HR Maze.  There are plenty of resources for you to download when you are looking for HR advice online.  Members of our site qualify for special discounts, advice from our helpline and more.


Online HR is an Online HR Advisory service which is full of HR expertise updated regularly and avoids you wasting your time searching the internet for tips or partial information, contacting expensive call centres or having to sign up contracts with employment lawyers.  Our helpful downloadable toolkits and flowcharts give you the most up to date HR advice online, and are regularly updated.  It’s very quick to register and start accessing the information you need.


Online HR is a convenient source of HR Advice both online and over the phone and membership entitles to you call at any time.  So if you are looking for advice about maternity/paternity leave, absence notifications, starters/inductions, disciplinary procedures or what to put in an employment contract, including changes to terms, resignation or flexible working, in fact any HR issues that you might come across every month when you employ a team of people, get your HR advice online, today, from Online HR.


There are free, downloadable HR documents to help you and you can also buy them one at a time, but a Membership will get you a lot more.  To join up is easy with Memberships starting from £30 per month.  You can take out a Silver, Gold or Platinum membership, entitling you to discounts and levels of help which vary according to the scheme you are on. 


Platinum Membership gives you a range of exclusive benefits and discounts such as:


  • Free annual review of your employee handbook, policies and procedures and employment contract
  • 25% of your next purchase from
  • Monthly discount codes emailed to directly to you 
  • An electronic copy of Smart News, the HR Smart Newsletter for all things HR and Employment Law based.
  • A 10% reduction on any additional services provided by HR Smart Ltd
  • Access to additional professional advisers offering discounts and free business support 


To use our Helpline, which is available any time and gives you access to consultants who have had years of experience in the field of Human Resource Management, you can contact us by telephone or email.  Subscription Members are entitled to contact us as many times as they like without any restrictions or concerns.


We are an online service - unlike expensive HR firms we don't have any expensive overheads - passing the savings on to you!


So don’t worry whether or not you have ‘got it right’ on your own.  You can see that, for a small monthly fee, you will save on costly HR services, by getting all the HR advice online that you need.