Online-HR-Advisor is a cost-effective web based solution, which has the following benefits:

  • saves the user time (no more internet searching)
  • saves money (no expensive professional advisors) 
  • reduces risk of mistakes   (reduces pitfalls of DIY) 

Simply find the Flowchart(s) that link to your requirement(s) on the right hand side of the page, REGISTER FOR FREE by clicking on the link below and in no time you will be able to download any of our flowcharts for FREE, as often as you need to. 

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The step-by-step flowcharts will:

  • guide you through the actions you need to take 
  • outline the processes to follow in a user-friendly way
  • allow you access to the TOOLKITs 
  • allow you to purchase templates individually


When you have worked out which TOOLKIT(S) or templates you need,  you can purchase templates as you need them or purchase the whole TOOLKIT for a discounted price from our online shop.


Benefit Further From Our Annual Fee Membership Options:

Silver Membership
 - £30 Per Year
Gold Membership
 - £50 Per Year
Platinum Membership 
 - £100 Per Year


Depending on your Membership level, you will receive: 

  • free annual review of your Contract of Employment

  • minimum of 10% off your next purchase

  • regular discount codes

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