If you have a particular Human Resources need, Online-HR-Advisor will be able to help you through the process. Simply find the Flowchart(s) that link to your requirements, provide us with some basic information and in no time you will be able to download any of our flowcharts for FREE, as often as you need to.

The step-by-step flowcharts will assist you to ensure proper compliance by:

  • identifying what options are available and actions to take 
  • outlining the processes to follow in a user-friendly way
  • allowing the user access to the TOOLKITs, which contain letters and documents if required

Having downloaded the Flowchart(s) there are links to the supplementary documents, which enable the user to be able to purchase them individually. When you have worked out which letters or documents you need,  you can buy the templates as you need them or purchase the whole TOOLKIT for a discounted price from our online shop.

Online-HR-Advisor is a cost-effective solution, which saves the user time (no more internet searching), money (no expensive professional advisors) and the risk of trying to work it out for yourself (allows you to focus on your business).

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